Innovative and environmentally sustainable design solutions with uncompromising artistic integrity.

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We have never limited ourselves to the problems we look to solve.  From large destinations to small renovations; from healing environments to environmental stewardship; from transportation projects to active recreation; Troyer Group seeks to make a positive economic, environmental, and social impact.  It is this broad expertise that has enabled us to help make our clients more successful for nearly half a century.

Architecture / Interior Design

Troyer Group brings together function, nature, and human needs to create a design balance that makes a lasting statement for our clients. Troyer Group has been designing client’s personalities into facilities since the firm’s founding in 1971. This emphasis and understanding of the client’s philosophy, mission, values and objectives has earned national and international acclaim for the firm.

Landscape Architecture and Master Planning

With a diverse range of projects that include master planning and design of public spaces, urban areas, healing environments, as well as higher education, parks, and recreation, our LA team continually strives for excellence.

Civil Engineering / Site Development

Community is as much about where and how we live, travel, and do business as it is is a geographically defined area. The way we plan our communities and provide public services can literally change our lifestyles by enhancing productivity and well-being. Troyer Group’s team is well seasoned with many years of experience working with and for many government entities from cities/towns to counties and state entities. We have particular expertise in services management and operational analysis, administration, planning, design, construction management, supervision and inspection for all levels of government and private projects.


Troyer Group provides a single source of responsibility for the planning, design and construction of your built environment. Professional integrated design and construction services are available with a single contact and with one point of accountability. This method eases the burden and confusion to the owner having to deal with multiple entities.

We represent the owner. Our mission is to meet your budget, schedule and quality goals. We offer competitive bidding of all trades, though we do not self perform the work. We provide better pricing, management, coordination, specifications and higher quality to the client and project.

MEP Engineering

Our clients benefit from our depth of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineering expertise all under one roof. Troyer Group’s commitment to sustainability is on display through the way we design and apply systems to maximize efficiency, reduce emissions, and save dollars.

Structural Engineering

Troyer Group Structural Engineers are among the top and brightest as they pay close attention to detail, never compromising safety and quality. We are experts in bridge and building design encompassing a variety of materials including concrete, steel, and heavy wood timbers. We are one of the top heavy timber engineers and designers in the country, having completed some of the largest timber structures in North America.


Troyer Group is excited to partner with Phase Change Energy Solutions as a distributor of BioPCM™, a sustainable green building product that acts as a smart thermal mass to reduce costs associated with energy consumption and HVAC, while increasing comfort within the spaces we occupy.  Through the materials capacity to store and release latent heat, the product has a heating and cooling effect on the space it is within.  BioPCM™ hones passive construction and has the ability to shift high peak demand, dramatically reduce heating and cooling loads, and lower carbon emissions,  all while aiming to keep rooms at stabilized temperatures for optimal comfort. Interested in more info? Head to the Connect page and contact us.

Family Owned Business - 44 years
Projects Completed Since 1971 - Over 6000
Number of Clients Served - 1300 Served

“Smart design is sustainable by nature and we have demonstrated sustainable practices as a normal course of business on every project we’ve touched since 1971, long before LEED was established.”

LeRoy Troyer, FAIA


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