Trends Shaping Landscape Architecture

Article by: Jonathon Geels, PLA for Land8


Title: 5 Trends Shaping Landscape Architecture in 2018

“By its nature, design evolves, responding to both context and conscious. Reflecting on the prestige and tumult of 2017 (there’s too many to list), has me wondering what the next iteration of landscape architecture will be. What’s on the horizon? What are the groundswell moments that will continue to gain momentum, and what are the emerging challenges that we must confront? From the continued ripples of the LAF Declaration to finding legislative footholds to the powerful Black in Design conference, 2017 was the year that landscape architects awoke to find value in participation beyond practice as well as placing continued emphasis on of the role of place in justice, economics, and environmental stability. In no particular order, here are 5 topics that are permeating the profession of landscape architecture right now”…READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE ON  LAND8


Interactive installation part of a pop-up park in South Bend, IN


Jonathon is a Landscape Architect at Troyer Group, where his influence and creativity are contagious.  He enjoys solving problems by connecting people to new ideas through design, innovation, and advocacy. He is passionate about improving public health, the built environment, social equality, as well as resource management and hopes to engage other professionals with the same enthusiasm.